Our Mission

The goal of Assurance Consolidated Pharmacy is to exemplify a standard of excellence while maintaining the highest quality of pharmaceutical care possible. We strive to serve the community through commitment, consistency, and faith.


Some of our services include: Prescription delivery, Blister packing, Pharmaceutical consulting, Customized compounding for humans & animals, Adult immunizations, Blood glucose testing, Blood pressure monitoring, Cholesterol testing, Hospice prescription services, and more!


We accept most major insurance plans including: Medicare, Medicaid, and Workman’s compensation. Your health and privacy (HIPPA) are paramount to us.

Hospice + Long Term Care

We currently are serving Odyssey Hospice, Light House Hospice, and Heart To Heart Hospice communities. Along with hospice care we also provide services to foster care, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living, and nursing home facilities.


ACP creates compounded medications for both humans and animals. Compounds come in various flavors, textures, and dosage forms including: creams, gels, capsules, lollipops, popsicles, oral syringes, troches, gummy gels, dauber bottles, lip balms, inhalation devices, suppositories, rapid dissolve tablets, effervescent powders, foam bases, and more.